Retired and Senior Volunteer Program of Central Oklahoma

A Passion to Serve Others

Terry Biggs has volunteered with Mobile Meals of Oklahoma County since 1973. At 83 years of age, there is no slowing her down when it comes to helping others. Mobile Meals of Oklahoma County partners with churches to coordinate delivery of hot meals for homebound, elderly seniors. It has been Terry’s passion for 43 years to coordinate, deliver, and help prepare thousands of meals to serve others who can no longer care for themselves. The last couple of years, Terry has also coordinated putting together Christmas packages that are delivered with the meals in December.Terry is thankful to simply be able to continue to serve and give back. She knows how important this program has become for so many people.

These are hungry seniors who have nowhere else to turn. It is such a joy to see their happy faces when we deliver meals. If we knock on their door and no one answers, calls are immediately made to ensure they are safe. It’s important for someone to visit these seniors often. These are frequently the forgotten seniors. It is easy to forget they are there and that they need our help.” “It takes a lot of volunteers to make this program happen, from coordinators, to cooks, to drivers. We need as many people as possible to support this program because the demand is always there—in fact it continues to grow each year.

I learned to volunteer through the example my parents set for me. It’s just what you did when I was growing up. You cared about your neighbor. If someone needed help, you always did your part. I would encourage people to get involved. As long as I can continue to volunteer, I will; because I know how much people need our help.

As long as I can continue to volunteer, I will; because I know how much people need our help.