Retired and Senior Volunteer Program of Central Oklahoma

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These are the stories of our compassionate volunteers and the lives they touch.

Wilma is thankful for you.

Without RSVP Provide-A-Ride, I wouldn’t be able to see my doctors as often, and with my health, that would be so risky. For low-income older adults who can no longer drive, finding rides to medical [...]

Wanda Shares the Love of Reading with Young Minds

Children learn reading skills through Come Read with Me program. Wanda Patrick has served as a volunteer with the Come Read with Me program through the Metropolitan Library System since 2015. She is also currently [...]

Bob Is Thankful for Your Generosity

IN 2010 Bob had back surgery and several other medical challenges that required him to receive ongoing care from his doctors. To keep his medical appointments, he took cab rides that cost him $30 one [...]

Linda Jones is hard at work helping people have a brighter day.

Linda has been a volunteer since 2006. During this time, she has been hard at work serving in disaster areas through the Red Cross. Her volunteer work has taken her to states such as Texas, [...]

Q & A with Larry Edwards, RSVP of Central Oklahoma Volunteer

Larry, why did you decide to become a volunteer? I retired in 2012, and shortly afterward, I felt that I needed to find a way to stay active. In 2014, I saw an email about [...]

Imogene Is Thankful for Her Blessings

I am not lucky to have Provide-A-Ride. I consider it a blessing from the Lord. Over these past two years,Imogene Bennet has come to rely on RSVP Provide-A-Ride as her transportation for medical appointments. Her [...]

A Passion to Serve Others

Terry Biggs has volunteered with Mobile Meals of Oklahoma County since 1973. At 83 years of age, there is no slowing her down when it comes to helping others. Mobile Meals of Oklahoma County partners [...]

Your Gifts Are at Work for Those Who Need It Most

Charlotte is an amazing senior. At 98 years old and living alone, she still does her own cooking, enjoys working in her garden, and takes care of herself. She has lived in her home [...]

Serving, Sharing and Making a Difference Together

Patrick and Dora Hicks are RSVP of Central Oklahoma volunteers. Dora volunteers at a food pantry and Patrick at a welcome center. They each enjoy their own personal volunteer experience, knowing that together they [...]

I Am Not in a Wheelchair Because I Can See My Doctors

Loretta has a severe scoliosis condition. It sometimes hurts for her to walk, and it can be uncomfortable sitting down for longer periods of time. Loretta is thankful she is not in a wheelchair. [...]

Driven To Help Others

RSVP Provide-A-Ride helps low-income older adults keep their medical appointments by providing them with free transportation services. Chronic illnesses can quickly deteriorate the health of older adults if left untreated and without ongoing care. Our [...]

Impacting Young Lives

Through creative and fun projects, Mike Frizzell is helping challenged students enjoy school a little more. When Mike retired ten years ago, he knew he wanted to volunteer to help students who do not enjoy [...]

Treva Is Thankful for Her Health and for You

Your generosity provides Treva with the transportation services she needs to keep her medical appointments. As older adults continue to age, their need to see their doctors and specialists increases in frequency. Their diminished ability [...]

Honoring our Heroes

Don Weaver is a proud veteran of World War II. Recently, a RSVP of Central Oklahoma volunteer delivered a bag with hygiene items to him as part of Project Red, White & Blue to honor [...]

The Gift of Caring

Linda Suchak has been an RSVP of Central Oklahoma Volunteer since 2004. What keeps her motivated? The good feeling of helping others and knowing she has the support of RSVP of Central Oklahoma. “When I [...]

Supporting the elderly

Ralph Jones has been an active RSVP Provide-A-Ride driver since 1998. What started as a simple way to give back has become a deep passion to serve. Ralph knows how strong the need is because [...]

Joella: The Elderly Need Our Help

In 2005, Joella decided it was the right time for her to act, get involved and give back by serving as a Provide-A-Ride volunteer. For these past 11 years, Joella has served as a driver [...]

Jim: Spreading Good News

Jim Buratti is an active RSVP of Central Oklahoma volunteer. He loves where he is serving, and he can’t think of a better way to spend his time—but volunteering did not start out this way [...]

Diane: Volunteer Because You’ll Love It

Diane is glad she made the decision to volunteer. Through the RSVP of Central Oklahoma Norman office, she has found several nonprofit agencies where she feels she is making a difference. Whether she is delivering [...]

For Eunice, It’s All About Helping Others

For these past six years, Eunice has been an active RSVP of Central Oklahoma volunteer. She’s volunteered at nonprofit partner agencies such as Upward Transitions, Travelers Aid, the Regional Food Bank, United Way, Tribute For [...]

Jane’s Smile Still Steals The Show

Jane loves to sing and act.  For her, the show must go on. When Jane was 15 years old, she began singing on live radio.  She would go on to have a career performing in [...]

All You Need Is a Heart to Serve

For the past six years, Jay has served as a RSVP Provide-A-Ride driver helping elderly seniors with rides to medical appointments an average of four times per week. He serves faithfully because he enjoys knowing [...]

Millie Enjoys Staying Connected

Millie has volunteered for many years. When she moved to our area five years ago, she did not know how to find a place to serve. It can be a daunting task finding a perfect [...]

Grateful for Your Generosity

Zona lives alone and needs ongoing help with transportation to keep her medical appointments. Before she learned about RSVP Provide-A-Ride four years ago, she had a difficult time finding rides each month to see her [...]

Q & A with Evelyn Skarky

Evelyn, you’ve been volunteering for 25 years.  What keeps you coming back to serve?  Evelyn:  I grew up in a family that always took the time to do something for someone else in need.  Growing [...]

Pat Has a Reason to Smile

Living in her own home means everything to Pat. For our seniors, being able to continue to live in their own home is a strong desire. Home is more than a familiar place. It’s a [...]

Lillie’s Passion Is Helping Kids Succeed

For the past 10 years, Lillie has faithfully volunteered to give care and support for kids and their families. As a Whiz Kids tutor and coordinator, she has an opportunity to be directly involved in [...]

Feeding the Heart and Soul

RSVP of Central Oklahoma volunteers help our community food pantries provide services for families who are threatened by hunger. Hunger exists in every corner of our community.  Hunger hurts.  It robs people of their dignity, [...]

Helping Others Makes Life Better

For Billie, volunteering has become a way of life. Being 86 years old is simply a technicality for Billie.  There is no slowing her down. Billie actively volunteers in our community and has a deep [...]

“I Thank God for Provide-A-Ride”

Marjorie no longer worries how she will find a ride to see her doctors. Marjorie can no longer drive, but she is able to see her doctors regularly because of your support. At 87 years [...]

Serving Our Veterans

Doug is an active RSVP of Central Oklahoma volunteer who loves to know he is making a difference in the lives of others. Doug is involved in various volunteer activities including serving at a local [...]

I Love Helping People

How beautiful is the heart of a volunteer. It does not ask for anything, but gives freely. It does not seek attention, but simply gives for the benefit of someone else. It does not track [...]

Full Speed Ahead

At 76 Marlys is serving full speed ahead. After providing 429 rides, she's not slowing down. Marlys has been actively volunteering through RSVP Provide-A-Ride for two years now. Most of the seniors she drives are [...]

We Won’t Leave Them

They need us for more than just a ride. Norma Watts is as reliable as they come. She has been volunteering as a driver for RSVP’s Provide-A-Ride program for over six years. Provide-A-Ride ensures that [...]

Ramps, Decks, and Doors

With a hammer and nails John cares for the poor. John Giger is passionate about helping others and making our community a better place. John is retired and for over 12 years he has been [...]

Not Just Sitting at Home

Kim and Paul are giving back and getting back so much more. Learning new things, having fun meeting people, helping others, giving back. This is how Kim describes what she and her husband Paul are [...]

Today I Am Thankful for You

As I look back on my life, I am thankful for my memories: My loving parents who worked hard to provide for me and my brothers. Marrying young at twenty years old to my husband of [...]