“I Thank God for Provide-A-Ride”

Marjorie no longer worries how she will find a ride to see her doctors.

Marjorie can no longer drive, but she is able to see her doctors regularly because of your support.

At 87 years old, it’s extremely important for Marjorie to be able to see her doctors regularly. She usually has two to three medical appointments each month.  For her it’s not an option to miss her doctor visits.

I used to worry all the time about how I would be able to find a ride to see my doctors. It’s hard to always find someone who is available to take you. People work and have their own lives. It was such a big worry because I was missing appointments I knew I could not miss, shares Marjorie.

Two years ago a friend told her about the RSVP Provide-A-Ride program, and since that time help is only a phone call away.

Marjorie shares how much this has meant to her:

I can’t say enough good about the Provide-A-Ride program. All the drivers are so friendly and nice.

On her latest trip to see her doctor, Steve and Penny came to pick her up. They are a husband and wife Provide-A-Ride driver team and have been volunteering together since June of 2014. For Steve and Penny, it’s an opportunity to give back and help an elderly senior in need.

Penny shares why being a part of Provide-A-Ride as a volunteer is important to her:

My sisters and I had the privilege and honor of helping our parents when they needed help until they passed away.  I know how much help elderly seniors need, from transportation to medical appointments, to assistance with walking, filling out medical forms at a doctor’s office, and encouragement in general.  I think about the elderly who don’t have family nearby to help them. How on earth are they managing all this? There is so much involved; they truly need our help.

Steve and Penny’s decision to volunteer becomes the care that our clients need. For Marjorie, it means knowing someone will always be there for her. But it’s more than the free transportation she receives; it’s the love she is shown by our drivers that makes this program special.

Marjorie could never afford this kind of attention and service. The kindness of our drivers and your financial support is what makes Provide-A-Ride possible. Thank you for loving and caring for our seniors in need like Marjorie.