Charlotte is an amazing senior. At 98 years old and living alone, she still does her own cooking, enjoys working in her garden, and takes care of herself. She has lived in her home since 1960. Because she can have regular care by her doctors, Charlotte is enjoying independent living. Your financial support has enabled us to provide Charlotte with over 350 rides to her medical appointments since 2008. This is a level of care Charlotte could never afford on her own. She shares in her own words how thankful she is and how much this has meant to her:

I am taking the time to say how grateful I am for your volunteers. They are so kind and thoughtful in every way, always on time, and always cheerful. They are never pushy or in a big hurry which is special to me because I need to be very careful with my balance.

You have saved me time and worry when I needed a ride. I am grateful. I hope you can help someone else in need of a caring group of volunteers. God bless.

In 2017, our caring drivers have provided over 5,500 rides to low-income seniors, allowing them to save money on transportation costs and the worry of finding someone to give them a ride.When you generously support RSVP of Central Oklahoma, your gifts directly touch the lives of precious seniors like Charlotte who have come to depend on us to live independently and in better health.

It is good to know I have someone I can count on and trust. Charlotte