Pat Has a Reason to Smile

Living in her own home means everything to Pat.

For our seniors, being able to continue to live in their own home is a strong desire. Home is more than a familiar place. It’s a place full of memories that nourishes the heart each day.

As our seniors age, health becomes a determining factor on whether they can continue to live independently or will require daily assistance. Many elderly seniors are no longer able to drive long distances or even drive at all. They carry the stress of having to find a ride for all of their medical appointments.

Pat is 80 years old and can still live at home, thanks to your financial support. For these past 10 years, our volunteer drivers have provided Pat with rides to her medical appointments. They don’t just drop her off at the doctor’s office. Our compassionate drivers remain with Pat for the entire appointment each time. It’s a level of service and care that she could never afford on her own, but because of your generous support, it’s available to her whenever she needs it.

Pat shares what this level of care has meant to her:

I have to see a heart specialist five or six times a year. As a school nurse, it’s difficult for my daughter to take a day off to give me a ride to see my doctors. I am so thankful for RSVP Provide-A-Ride. I save every bit of extra money I get. When I have saved $50, I send it to RSVP of Central Oklahoma because I want them to know how thankful I am for all they have done for me.

Pat has lived in her own home for 40 years. She is fortunate to be able to live independently and to cherish the memories that are all around her home. Thank you for caring and giving seniors like Pat a reason to smile.