Today I Am Thankful for You

As I look back on my life, I am thankful for my memories:

My loving parents who worked hard to provide for me and my brothers. Marrying young at twenty years old to my husband of fifty years. Starting our life together.  Family vacations. The kids growing up and starting their own families. Friends from church. Long walks. Bike riding. Being a wife and a mother.

Life has slowed down for me now that I am 75 years old. I live by myself in my own home, but thankfully I am not alone. I have my daughter, my church friends, and my RSVP family who cares for me.

I am thankful to RSVP of Central Oklahoma who provides me the rides I need to make all my medical appointments.

Thank you so much for your generous support of RSVP of Central Oklahoma. Your giving becomes my help, care, and support.  It seems like it was just yesterday I was the one driving the kids everywhere, giving my friends rides when they needed a helping hand, and looking out for my older parents. It’s funny how our lives come full circle.

Today things are different, but because of my friends and family, and because of your support for RSVP of Central Oklahoma, I have everything I need to continue to live a happy, independent, and healthy life.

I have so much to be thankful for. Today I am thankful for you.

Mildred, Provide-A-Ride client.