Grateful for Your Generosity

Zona lives alone and needs ongoing help with transportation to keep her medical appointments.

Before she learned about RSVP Provide-A-Ride four years ago, she had a difficult time finding rides each month to see her doctors.

Her son, who lives 70 miles away, would take her to her most critical appointments as much as he could.  But she still lived with a constant worry of how she could find a ride.

Today help is only a phone call away.  RSVP Provide-A-Ride, and our volunteer drivers, provide Zona with the transportation she needs to keep her medical appointments and continue to live in better health.

Our compassionate drivers pick her up at her home, remain with her during the appointment, and take her back right to her front door.  This is a level of service and care she could never afford on her own.  She has the peace of mind knowing the rides she needs are always available to her—at no cost.  Zona shares how much all this help has meant to her:

I have no words to describe how much I appreciate all the help I have received.  What makes it all so special to me is how much I know they care about me—they really do.  The staff and drivers are always so kind.  They always make me feel like they are glad to help me.  I could never repay them for all the kindness they have shown me.”

Zona is one of hundreds of elderly seniors who rely on RSVP Provide-A-Ride for their transportation needs.  Because of your generosity in 2015, we’ve been able to expand our Provide-A-Ride program to meet the increased demand for our services.

For Zona, and so many others like her, your financial support to RSVP Provide-A-Ride makes the difference to live in better health.  Thank you for your generous support.