Diane is glad she made the decision to volunteer. Through the RSVP of Central Oklahoma Norman office, she has found several nonprofit agencies where she feels she is making a difference. Whether she is delivering meals to the elderly, baking cookies for abused children, or making quilts for the homeless, Diane’s joy comes in knowing she’s helped someone else have a better day.

Diane shares how through the RSVP Norman office she has found volunteer opportunities that have been a great fit for her:

“When I met with Nicole, RSVP Norman office volunteer coordinator, she took the time to find out what my interests were. As a result, I’ve been able to find volunteer opportunities that have been a great match for the things I enjoy doing the most.”

“I would encourage anyone who has been thinking about making the decision to volunteer to go for it. Do it because I know you’ll love it.”

We can help you find volunteer opportunities you’ll enjoy. We are here to serve you! Please contact our Oklahoma County office at 405-605-3110 or Cleveland/McClain Counties office at 405-701-2162 to get involved.