Millie Enjoys Staying Connected

Millie has volunteered for many years. When she moved to our area five years ago, she did not know how to find a place to serve.

It can be a daunting task finding a perfect volunteer match when someone moves to a new area. This is how Millie felt five years ago when she first moved to Edmond.

A friend referred Millie to RSVP of Central Oklahoma as a way to find volunteer opportunities she could enjoy.

Millie met with our volunteer coordinator, who learned about her interests and what she enjoyed doing, and referred her to the Edmond Historical Society Museum and the Edmond OU Medical Center where she has volunteered for the past five years.

It has been a perfect fit for Millie, who feels energized by volunteering and staying active. She shares how much it has meant for her to work through RSVP of Central Oklahoma:

I am so thankful I contacted RSVP of Central Oklahoma to help me find volunteer opportunities. There are many older adults who want to get involved but don’t know where to begin. I would encourage them to contact RSVP of Central Oklahoma. Finding a wonderful volunteer opportunity you enjoy doing is so important because you stay motivated when it’s something you love to do.

I could not have found the volunteer opportunities I’ve done these past five years on my own. If you want to find volunteer experiences you will love, contact RSVP of Central Oklahoma.

We take great pride in our mission to enrich the lives of older adults by connecting them with meaningful and rewarding volunteer opportunities. For Millie, it’s the reason why at 79 years old she is still excited to volunteer and stay involved each day.