Not Just Sitting at Home

Kim and Paul are giving back and getting back so much more.

Learning new things, having fun meeting people, helping others, giving back.

This is how Kim describes what she and her husband Paul are doing each week. How do they live such rich and meaningful lives since retirement? By volunteering and staying active in the community.

I used to have a hard time finding volunteer opportunities. Trying to do all the homework to make sure each opportunity was a good fit for us and finding agencies that truly needed our help was too time consuming. RSVP is now my home hub for volunteer opportunities. I love how easy they make it for us to find the right places where we can make a difference.

Kim and Paul have been volunteering together through RSVP for over seven years now. Throughout this time they have discovered the “secret” of being an active volunteer: It’s a better life when you keep on giving.

[gdlr_quote align=”center” ]Now is the perfect time for us to give back. We are finding out we get back so much more through volunteering.[/gdlr_quote]

When you take the time to give of yourself to serve others, there is always a greater reward back to you in new friendships, personal fulfillment, and in keeping your body and mind active.

I feel like we can do more for others now that we are retired and volunteering, compared to when we were both working and raising a family. Now is the perfect time for us to give back, but we are finding out that we are getting back so much more through volunteering.

Each week, Kim and Paul are staying active, enjoying new experiences, and meeting new people. What started out as a way to “do something,” has become an amazing way to live and still give.

You can join Kim and Paul in living the amazing life of giving and service. Contact us today!