Linda has been a volunteer since 2006. During this time, she has been hard at work serving in disaster areas through the Red Cross. Her volunteer work has taken her to states such as Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, and California where families have lost everything due to a natural disaster. Linda has delivered supplies to shelters, helped families whose homes have been flooded, supported families whose belongings were burned in wildfires, and provided food for people who have lost everything. Through it all, she finds satisfaction knowing she has helped people who have been in a desperate situation.

I like to help people and stay active. I never thought I would be able to do as much as I have. You know you can’t help everyone, but if I can help one more person, that makes a difference. People need to know others care about them when they lose everything.

Volunteering has given me a sense of purpose. I love meeting new people. I am just one person, but when we come together as volunteers we can make a great impact. We need others to get involved. We all need each other.

Linda’s heart and story represents the story of our volunteers who have taken the path of serving others. Thank you for giving your time and resources to help others in need! If you have been thinking about volunteering, but have not yet reached out to RSVP of Central Oklahoma, we want to encourage you to get in contact with us. We will help you find a volunteer opportunity that is a strong match to your interests and experiences. Volunteering is an adventure where you go new places, meet new people, and do new things.

One of the things I enjoy the most about volunteering is the wonderful people you get to meet.