Through creative and fun projects, Mike Frizzell is helping challenged students enjoy school a little more.

When Mike retired ten years ago, he knew he wanted to volunteer to help students who do not enjoy going to school, but he didn’t know where to start.

Mike contacted our office, and we put him in touch with Bethany High School where he has been serving these past ten years.

Mike works with middle and high school students who have special needs, are facing emotional problems, or are being disciplined for bad behavior. He calls his program the TCTS Program: Trash Can and Thrift Shop education. Mike shares how this program is making an impact on these students:

“I am thankful I have the opportunity to work with students at Bethany Jr. High and High School who are having a hard time at school. I volunteer three times per week, and my main goal is to make school enjoyable once again for these students. We build things together and do problem-solving tasks. I challenge these students with hands-on projects to help channel their energy towards something constructive and positive. I use things that others may be throwing away or things that I can purchase at a thrift shop.

Teachers will contact me to let me know they have a student they want me to work with. Sometimes I get to spend a couple of days with them, for others we may work together for a month or two. I remember one high school student who was sent to my small office last year. As soon as he saw me, he told me he didn’t like me. I told him that was okay, and I had him build a race car. He had so much fun racing his car down the hallway. One teacher told me that was the first time this particular student had ever smiled at school.

I encourage anyone who is thinking about volunteering to go for it. I don’t have a budget or anyone to help me—it’s just me. But if you show up with a caring heart, you can make a difference whether it’s for young people or anyone else in the community.”