Helping Others Makes Life Better

For Billie, volunteering has become a way of life.

Being 86 years old is simply a technicality for Billie.  There is no slowing her down.

Billie actively volunteers in our community and has a deep passion to serve.  She loves to give more each day.  She has been volunteering for fifty years; it’s now become a part of who she is.  So it’s no wonder you can see so much life in her smile.  When you live to serve, there’s a special glow about you that comes from sharing so much love with others in need.

Billie shares why volunteering is so important to her:

I am not going to sit at home and get old. Caring for others keeps me young, and it does not cost me anything to love someone else who needs my help.

As an RSVP of Central Oklahoma volunteer, Billie regularly tutors kids, cooks meals for elderly people who can no longer drive, and sorts clothes and food that is distributed to the homeless.

She beautifully puts into focus the reason why volunteering is so rewarding:

I don’t really feel that I do that much. I am glad to get to be the one who can share out of my blessings. It makes me feel good to know that I can give back and help others in need.

At the Homeless Alliance Center where Billie regularly volunteers, you will find her serving in any capacity that she is needed, from sorting clothes in the storage room, to handing out socks and toiletries to clients.  She is happy to do any task, no matter how big or small, because she knows it all matters.

Billie has learned the true essence of volunteering: there are no wasted moments, and no task is insignificant when you do it for someone in need.  For her, the most important thing is to serve with a heart of compassion and share out of the blessings from her own life.

We are so thankful to our dedicated volunteers like Billie who give so much from the richness of their hearts.  Billie’s words are so true; it does not cost us anything to love, care, and share our love with others.  We quickly find that when we live a life of great generosity, we gain a treasure for ourselves.  It truly is a better life when you keep on giving.