Feeding the Heart and Soul

RSVP of Central Oklahoma volunteers help our community food pantries provide services for families who are threatened by hunger.

Hunger exists in every corner of our community.  Hunger hurts.  It robs people of their dignity, steals their hope, and strains families emotionally.  Our local food pantries are fighting back against hunger by securing, coordinating, and distributing food to families who are facing hunger.

RSVP of Central Oklahoma is proud to support our area food pantries such as the BritVil Community Food Pantry in Oklahoma City.  Like most food pantries, BritVil Community Food Pantry depends on volunteers to be able to provide services.

Sue Butler, Executive Director, shares how important it is for her to be able to partner with RSVP of Central Oklahoma:

We average sixty RSVP of Central Oklahoma volunteers each month.  We provide groceries for 35-40 families each day and we could not do it without our volunteers.  They serve with an amazing attitude, always willing to do whatever is needed.  They only want to know they are making a difference for a family who is struggling to find their next meal.

Every Wednesday, you’ll find Tish, an RSVP of Central Oklahoma volunteer, at the BritVil Community Food Pantry in the back sorting and packing the groceries that will be provided for families.  For over ten years she has faithfully volunteered.  Tish shares what keeps her coming back:

I like the feeling of knowing that I am doing something worthwhile.  I enjoy the time I spend with my fellow volunteer friends.  It’s fun to serve and do good together.

Together we are fighting back hunger one bag of groceries and one family at a time.  Your love in action is not only feeding and nourishing families but also feeding the heart and soul of our community.  Thank you for all you do!