Lillie’s Passion Is Helping Kids Succeed

For the past 10 years, Lillie has faithfully volunteered to give care and support for kids and their families.

As a Whiz Kids tutor and coordinator, she has an opportunity to be directly involved in the lives of kids who are struggling in school. Once per week, students from inner-city schools who are falling behind in reading skills spend one-on-one time with a tutor and mentor.  For Lillie, it’s more than reading time, it’s an opportunity to mentor a child and to give them hope to help them believe in greater possibilities for their future.

Lillie is also involved with Top Ladies of Distinction, a nonprofit that mentors teenagers, teaching them life skills.

The children Lillie has worked with over the years are mostly from broken homes and low-income families.  Through her volunteer time and efforts, many are now on a better path to succeed in life.

Lillie shares what working with children and teenagers all these years has meant to her:  “These kids need our help, especially those from single parent, low-income families.  It’s so rewarding spending time with these kids.  I am blessed to be 77 years old, in good health, and a mentor.”

Lillie is also proud to know there are many other RSVP of Central Oklahoma volunteers involved in charitable work that supports children.  She doesn’t see herself as just one person acting alone, but rather as part of a larger team working together to make an impact for children in our community.

 It’s wonderful to have an organization such as RSVP that organizes volunteers to work together.  You could have 100 people volunteering doing their own thing, but RSVP brings us all together to see what opportunities are available that we can be a part of.

There are many volunteer opportunities through our nonprofit partner agencies to directly serve at-risk children and teenagers.  Like Lillie, you can join the RSVP team, working together to give kids a better opportunity to succeed in life.