Linda Suchak has been an RSVP of Central Oklahoma Volunteer since 2004. What keeps her motivated? The good feeling of helping others and knowing she has the support of RSVP of Central Oklahoma.

“When I started volunteering, I contacted an organization on my own. They were doing wonderful work, but I didn’t feel what I was doing for them was a good fit for me. Shortly afterward, I contacted RSVP of Central Oklahoma. They not only helped me find great organizations to serve, but also opportunities I have greatly enjoyed doing.”

“They have taken the time to get to know my skills and interests, and this has made all the difference for me. I know I can go back to RSVP of Central Oklahoma at any time, and they will have my best interests in mind.”

“As a volunteer, I serve people with real needs who depend on charitable organizations. They are always so appreciative for anything you do for them. It’s a wonderful feeling knowing I have made their day a little better.”

“Each new volunteer experience allows me to meet other volunteers and the staff who work at these wonderful organizations. I have made a lot of new friendships along the way that I will cherish for the rest of my life.”

“I also love knowing that as a volunteer I am saving the nonprofit agencies the expense of hiring staff. Most nonprofits rely heavily on volunteers to meet their annual budget. Knowing that I have been able to help them save part of this expense gives me a lot of satisfaction.”

“There are so many reasons why volunteering is such a wonderful experience. I would encourage anyone who is unsure if this is something for them to give it a try. You can’t sit at home all day. You have to stay active, and volunteering is one of the best ways to do it.”