IN 2010 Bob had back surgery and several other medical challenges that required him to receive ongoing care from his doctors. To keep his medical appointments, he took cab rides that cost him $30 one way. Living on social security, blind, and alone, this was not an expense Bob could afford. Bob learned about RSVP Provide-A-Ride and has now come to depend upon this service. He shares how much of a difference this program has made for him:

I have received extremely good service from RSVP Provide-ARide since 2010. I was paying $60 each day that I needed to see my doctors—it’s just something I could not afford to pay. I am so glad I learned about this wonderful service.

The volunteer drivers are the kind of people I love to be around. I am blind and my balance is off, but I always feel safe as the volunteer drivers walk me in, help me with my paperwork, and even drive me by the pharmacy if I need to get a prescription filled. It’s so hard for family to always be available to take you to the doctor. They can’t always be available, but RSVP Provide-ARide has always been there for me.

Bob is thankful for your care and generosity which provides him with the transportation services that enable him to live in better health. Like Bob, there are many other low-income seniors who need our services. Our waiting list continues to grow each month. We encourage you to consider getting involved as a volunteer driver and to make a special gift so we can provide other low-income seniors like Bob with transportation services to keep their medical appointments.

This is one of the best services for older people. Especially those on a modest income.